Sirius provides consulting services aimed at connecting large corporates seeking to connect with renewable generators in order to offset their carbon footprint and procure cleaner energy through Off-Site Corporate PPAs.

Utilising our vast network of Developers, Financiers, Energy Retailers & Managing Contractors, we assess the PV system sizing, technology, ROI, project requirement deliverables, and green attributes to determine the optimum solution for your project.

Sirius will manage the whole process end-to-end and will provide our expertise for the duration of the project.



At the heart of our CleanTech Division is a commitment to drive greater returns to your business.

With more and more Government regulation demanding business to be cleaner and greener, the need to adapt, evolve and innovate has never been greater.

Our Clean Air equipment includes, flue gas desulphurisation, wet and dry electrostatic precipitators, bag houses and scrubbers, and other bespoke solutions for the processing industries.



Sirius’ capabilities include process performance and revamp studies for ACHEs (Air Cooled Heat Exchangers) and ACCs (Air Cooled Condensers).

Our staff has improved heat transfer capacity of up to 40% by reconfiguring bundle layouts, utilising available pressure drop and power with no change to the footprint.

Our links to qualitymanufactures globally also allows us to facilitate location based procurement to drastically reduce shipping costs and meet local content requirements.



The PV industry is rapidly evolving with so many emerging technologies and products it can be difficult to navigate the best quality solution for your solar & storage project.

Through our links to Tier 1 suppliers in China, we can provide Supply Chain Management & Quality Assurance services. Our goal is to reduce your technical and financial risk and protect your solar and storage investment, whist ensuring future energy-producing viability for the life of the product.

This service is suitable for Financiers & Developers looking to procure directly from Equipment suppliers & EPCs requiring factory and onsite quality checks.